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Lunica Typeface


Lunica is a mono-linear inter­pretation of a serif type­face. Classic serif faces tend to have contrasting horizontal and vertical strokes, so this rather dogmatic focus on a single line weight is unconventional. The striking serifs seen here are shaped like quarter circles. Inspired by handwriting, these geometric flourishes serve as decoration, reappearing in several letters. They are what lends Lunica its quaint, poetic and strong indi­vidual character.

Lunica disregards the laws of optics. Apart from the over­shoot of its round glyphs, no optical corrections were made. What’s more, constant line weights and round endings give it the appearance of an engraving font. For a graphic impact, the letterforms are kept basic and sober; they resemble a slab serif or sans-serif typeface.

Lunica was released in 2014 through Gestalten and was featured in Yearbook of Type 2 by Slanted Publishers and Niggli Verlag. Currently you can buy Lunica only through Thomas Hirter on

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